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I've been in the animation industry for nineteen years, and have produced character and environment work for numerous feature films. My experience covers early character development and environment sculpting/modeling, and clean asset creation for production.

Over the years I've worked very differently from project to project, with varied levels of responsibility.  I've found myself operating as everything from a team leader (encouraging a large crew of artists), to an early development sculptor (toiling with a small team of production designers).

The most enjoyable aspect of my work is breaking down show style with designers and visual development artists. I love collaborating, receiving feedback and riffing to make the best work possible.


CHARACTER and ENVIRONMENT MODELING, Netflix Feature Animation 2021-2023
• Worked closely with production designer, Animation leads and director to create fully realized character sculpts, poses and expression tests.
• Responsible for generating presentation imagery/turntables, and an organized work archive for future vendors.
• Prepared and shared clean model assets with Design, Animation, Previs, Layout, and Rigging for a variety of show testing.
• Collaborated with environment production designer to build full sets, vehicles and props for show look development.

MODELER, Blue Sky Studios 2004-2021
LEAD/SENIOR MODELER (2008-2021) Character Lead
• Worked with Animation, Rigging, Design and directors to create fully realized character sculpts.
• Assisted with production of new maquettes and maintained old maquettes.
• Produced polished ZBrush imagery for department sharing/director presentations.
• Spearheaded new topology layouts to enhance lead character performance and look.
• Created show-based character generator meshes capable of producing a wide variety of useful on-style characters.
• Managed a crew of rotating modelers, while taking time to reinforce show style, ensure that notes were understood/resolved, and that final meshes met rig requirements.
• Provided character bids and assisted with casting and team selections.
• Oversaw tool preferences, and encouraged sharing of productive workflows.
• Ensured that artists understood director notes, and that all technical notes impacting design were vetted by Animation before implementation.
• Smartly and artfully implemented major topology changes and form adjustments on demand.
• Coordinated with Sculpting during character asset overlap, staying abreast of incoming notes while continuing ZBrush or Maya cleanup of the same character asset.
• Established logical asset names and intuitive directory structures.
• Held Zbrush and Maya cross training classes, and produced internal educational video content to help ambitious artists grow.

Environment Lead (2008-2016)
• Collaborated with production designers to build rough scout sets and characters, for early visual development.
• Built and oversaw creation of all assets (cars, rocks, trees, buildings etc.) and organized models and their components for all departments.
• Filtered scout sets before casting, ensuring logical set breakup, while also keeping tabs on complexity.
• Managed up to 10 set artists simultaneously, while attending all relevant meetings to support the crew and their work.
• Helped set leaders guide their team(s), and assisted with troubleshooting (design/technical).
• Collaborated with Fur, Materials, and Comp to hit show style and prevent wasted time.
• Ensured that all final sequence models were technically clean and aesthetically well finished.
• Assisted teams with resolving shot fixes

MODELER (2005-2008)
• Created clean 3D character models based on hero sketches, sculpture scans, and designer/director feedback.
• Executed Rigging technical topology fix requests imperative for clean character performance (face, mouth, eyes and hand functionality/cleanup).
• Constructed on-style backlot vegetation, land formations, vehicles and props.
• Mastered useful components for Modeling reuse, and Fur and Assembly set dressing.
• Performed sequence set building based on approved designs, and filled in gaps for robust shot coverage while maintaining show style.

• Worked with Modeling and Rigging leads to quickly resolve character and environment shot fixes.
• Executed sequence modeling, set dressing, and prop building.
• Conceptualized and developed quality control tools with Production Engineering.

MODELING INSTRUCTOR, Anim School 2010-2012, 2015
• Revised curriculum for Character Modeling
• Established Introduction to Maya Modeling
• Held two to three classes per week (three to five hour-long sessions) for two to three months
• Held live modeling demos, worked directly over student character files to relay topology theory
• Assessed student work and encouraged dedication

GALLERY SCULPTOR, Mike Lee 2019- 2021
• Produced 3D sculpt data based on oil paintings by Mike Lee
• Worked with fabricators/contractors/galleries to resolve balance and print issues while preserving intent

FREELANCE DESIGNER/ANIMATOR, Virtual Worlds Group (Microsoft Network) 1996-1997
• Produced character concept artwork.
• Traditionally animated approved character designs (expressions and cycles).
• Performed weekly cleanup, coloring, formatting and delivery of original and digital media.
• Developed world concepts and made recommendations to improve end-user experience.


Graduated with honors


• Familiar with: rigging techniques, fur techniques, surfacing, lighting and compositing
• Work-related software experience: Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, Photoshop, Nuke, Keyshot, Illustrator, Blender
• Also familiar with: After Effects, Premiere, audio cleanup/engineering, HD video rendering
• Figure sculpting and painting, illustration, story boarding, mold-making/casting, thermoforming, painting, airbrush

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